Gurudakshina / Voluntary Fee to Fantastic Fundas
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Gurudakshina / Voluntary Fee to Fantastic Fundas


Gurudakshina / Voluntary Support to Fantastic Fundas

We are a small group of people with a big mission. Our mission is to provide the world with free high-quality education in an affordable and easily accessible manner. It is our continuous endeavour to help the poor. We focus on delivering education in a manner which is easily understood and implemented.

We depend on support of people like you to accomplish this mission of free high quality education. If you've learnt something through our site, please take out a moment and help us do even better.

We depend on you to generate more content, better videos and also bring interactive software in the future. If everyone of you, watching our videos gave us just a few hundred bucks then you can cover our entire budget for the coming year. If enough budget is generated I can even give up my profession and dedicate myself full time to help you and Lakhs of other students in India.

We impact lakhs of lives and the social return on your investment would be very high. Because with every rupee that you will contribute you will be touching life of many others who will be watching these videos.

Please note that this monetary contribution is not a donation. It is Gurudakshina or Voluntary Fee that you are giving to Fantastic Fundas for the services it provides. Fantastic Fundas is a for-profit organisation, which uses its profits to provide affordable and accessible education for all.


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